Image Optimization

We transform and serve images faster from the edge, reducing origin traffic and saving on infrastructure and egress costs.

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Transform & serve images faster

Fastly Image Optimizer allows you to offload image transformation to our powerful edge cloud network. When an image is requested, we resize it, adjust quality, crop / trim, change orientations, convert formats, and more on demand. Transforming images at the edge eliminates latency by reducing the number of requests back to origin.

Fastly also serves images faster, decreasing page load times for image-heavy sites. Our high-density points of presence (POPs) hold more content for longer periods of time, so we can instantly serve millions of variations of images from cache.

Better insights and control

Fastly exposes real-time logs and analytics, giving you granular insight into which optimizations are working and which aren’t. We also offer self-serve configurations, enabling you to tweak transformation rules yourself over time for the highest quality user experience.

Our control capabilities don’t stop there. Instant Purge invalidates content globally in 150ms, guaranteeing only the most up-to-date images are served. And with surrogate keys, you can group and tag images with identifiers to easily invalidate all associated images.

Reduce costs

With Fastly Image Optimizer, you can simultaneously reduce costs and improve productivity. Eliminate the need to manage expensive image transformation applications and servers at your origin. Save on storage costs by simply storing one source file and generating the optimal image for each profile on demand, at the edge. Lower egress costs by caching more at the edge and reducing requests to origin.

Our Image Optimizer service is an easy add-on. Using our full-featured API you can integrate it seamlessly into your existing Fastly workflow, rules, and conditions. Get up and running the same day, with minimal modifications to your existing configuration.

Reduce costs

Powerful edge logic

With Fastly Image Optimizer you no longer need to worry about defining rules for every visitor’s profile. Using our built-in Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), you can offload image transformation logic to our edge cloud network. Detect visitor attributes like device and geolocation at the edge for faster image transformation decisions. For example, you can deliver more highly optimized images to users who have opted in to “save data” mode in their browser.

Powerful edge logic

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