Your most-requested update for Fastly developer accounts

You asked, we delivered — run your first two domains free on a Fastly developer account!

The most consistent feedback we’ve heard from developers is to make it easier to try out Fastly. You keep hearing that it’s an incredible platform for making your sites fast, safe and engaging, and you want to try it for yourselves. We’re excited to share that the first step in that process starts today, offering one of the top requests our developer community has had when trying out Fastly’s platform: Being able to connect your own live domains to a Fastly developer account.

Start by trying out our free developer account without having to enter a credit card, and get up to $50 in usage each month (more than enough to deliver any test site). Once you’re set up, you can explore many more capabilities of the Fastly platform for free. Your domains will be securely protected with Let's Encrypt, with Fastly managing those TLS certificates for you automatically. 

Once you’re running on the Fastly platform, you won’t be alone. We’ve just launched an all-new developer community forum where you can share tips, tricks, insights, questions, and your coolest new projects with other developers who are exploring what Fastly can do.

This is not an unlimited free tier of Fastly services. It’s a test account for trying out the platform. We’ll make sure our developer community is the first to know if and when we have more to say about our free offerings, but today this is a new, free, no-strings-attached way to start building great experiences for your users. We’ll be actively watching the conversations in our new developer forum to hear more about what you’d like to see going forward.

As excited as we are about these improvements to our developer accounts, this is just the first step. We’ll be doing a lot more to simplify and streamline the experience, and to give every developer more access to the power of the Fastly platform. You’ve already got instant access to hundreds of code samples, examples and starters to help you get running instantly. We’re excited to hear your feedback, and even more excited to see what you create using the Fastly platform!

Anil Dash
Head of Glitch and VP, Developer Experience

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Anil Dash
Head of Glitch and VP, Developer Experience

Anil Dash leads the team behind Glitch, the friendly developer community where coders have collaborated to create and share millions of web apps, serving as CEO of Glitch until its acquisition by Fastly. Honored by the Webby Awards with its lifetime achievement award in 2022, Dash is recognized as a leading advocate for more humane, inclusive and ethical technology through his work as an entrepreneur, activist and writer.